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DAYTONA BEACH -- Flagler Palm Coast High School's Class of 2000 graduates were urged to get a solid start on their futures after accepting their diplomas Saturday night during ceremonies at the Ocean Center.

Senior classmates Tony Pearson and Andrea Wesser, keynote speakers for the evening, offered their fellow seniors "a gift." "We have the perfect the gift it not only has value, but it is very much deserved," Pearson told the graduates. "This gift will offer lasting memories."

Wesser reminded the seniors that their four years at Flagler County's only high school had provided them time and opportunities to forge close friendships with teachers and classmates.

Opportunities will continue to be offered if the graduates look to the future with renewed interests, she said.

"Without an interest of the unknown, we will lose those opportunities," she said.

"For our gift, we give the future," Pearson said.

Wesser said her fellow graduates, as future leaders, needed to pledge to be conscientious caretakers of the world."

In his role as school superintendent, Robert Williams presents each senior with their high school diploma.

He stepped out of his role as top school administrator Saturday night and into the role of father as he presented his son's high school diploma.

More than 300 Flagler Palm Coast High School seniors marched across the stage at the Ocean Center Saturday to accept the education award they had been working toward for the past 13 years.

Mark Williams was the only graduate who was given his diploma by his father.

"In many jobs, you don't get a lot of special things, but this is one for me," Williams said last week.

An educator for more than 20 years, the superintendent has been able to present each of his three children their diplomas.

"I think it's very nice because he's been there for me all the time through the good and the bad," Mark said.

In addition to being a member of the class of 2000, Mark has a few oth er credits to his name, besides being the son of the superintendent.

Mark transferred to Flagler Palm Coast High School from Edgewater High School in Orlando last year when his father accepted the superintendent's post.

Mark made the transfer and won a slot on the high school soccer team in the 1998-99 school year.

He hasn't regretted the move.

The Flagler Palm Coast High School soccer team won the state title and was named in a national poll of soccer coaches as the top winter soccer team in the nation.

The superintendent took the graduation stage and handed out all the diplomas as each graduate's name was called.

Valedictorian Kelly Walker said she had mixed emotion about leaving the school, but she encouraged her fellow classmates to take control of their lives.

"We are now able to take steps to form our own lives," she said.

Senior Class President Christina Hobbs highlighted the last four years of high school for the class of 2000, from a bomb scare when they were freshmen to the 1998 fires.

"It is time to say goodbye to the jam-packed halls at FPC," she said.

Saturday night marked the official end of public education in the county school system for the seniors, but most of the graduates are on their way to jobs or college this summer.

"You are a very special class," Superintendent Williams told the graduates.

The ceremony ended with an indoor fireworks display in honor of the graduates.


Honor grads

Honor graduates at Saturday night's Flagler Palm Coast High graduation ceremony for the Class of 2000.

Gold Cords (weighted GPA of 4.0 or higher)

Alana Blasingame

Teresa Braley

Brooke Butler

Kristen Bush

Yen Chen

Lisa Coleman

Aaron Daley

James Donchez

Bernadette Diliberto

Daniel Dupont

Cory Gaddes

Brooke Geiger

Brenda Gonzalez Engle

Christina Hobbs

William Ivans

Rebekah Jacobs

Katherine Jankowski

Elizabeth Jones

Jackie Knoblaugh

Carrianne Larmore

Jessica Lesnick

Kyle Lin

Patrick McGuire

Bart Orr

Devanshi Patel

Kristen Polito

Lisa Ruggero

Mike Tang

Margarita Tartakovsky

Kelly Walker

Andrea Wesser

Sarah Wilcox

Joseph Wright

Matthew Zappas

Silver Cords (weighted GPA of 3.0 to 3.9)

Carmina Aguirre

Thomas Alexander

Richard Anderson

Jennifer Aquila

Melody Ayala

Elizabeth Batarick

Christopher Batista

Daniel Bixby

Nicole Bonnier

Cannelo Brucculeri

Lauren Burns

Stephanie Butarelli

Brooke Butler

Alene Cabrera

Christopher Cantanno

Daniella Chambers

Alicia Chichitano

Mandie Clem

Jennifer Cole

Andrea Cooper

Jeffrey Crane

Nicholas Cristello

Jennifer Crowley

Shawn Culbreth

Allyson Curley

Shawn Daniels

Stacia Davis

Frank DeLuca

Bernadette Diliberto

Lauren Dixon

James Donaldson

Ganae Dougherty

Kristina Dougherty

Kerry Dunn

Eliza Dupont

Amanda Eldredge

Christopher Emplit

Jeffrey Esposito

Lisa Evans

Jason Farrell

Sarah Figel

Christina Flannery

Peter Frein

Jessica Frisby

Kristie Garcia

Carrie Lee Garner

Jennifer Geddes

Gabriel Grass

Jason Grinum

Emilie Hall

Erin Harper

Christopher Hebb

Michael Herber

Lindsay Huband

Charles Inglese

Janyelle Jackson

Rebekah Jacobs

Edward Jensen III

Stephanie Jones

Taccara Jones

Wendy Jones

Alison Kasyjanski

Christina Katsolis

Kahlin Kelly

Patrick Klarich

Donald Kobiec Jr.

Katherine Kowsh

Vickie Kummer

Allyson Lawless

Matthew Linden

Fang Lee

Tracy Luke

Tamara Mahler

Ryan Maloney

Michael Marazzo

Alisha McKnight

Valerie Medearis

Sara Michaud

Lindsay Milmoe

Matthew Milton

Lori Moore

Chelsea Mount

Jamie Nahm

Kristen Navadomski

Robert Newbury

Andrei Nikulin

Therese Nigrelli

David Otero Culver

Darcee Palmer

Genae Parrish

Aaron Parsons

Anthony Pearson

Steven Perez-Silva

Brian Peterson

Sokhavy Phang

Marissa Poggi

Emilia Polo

Phillip Portal

Kyle Purdy

Igor Rakhmanov

James Ramey

Amanda Rector

Brian Restaino

Jeffrey Robertson

Jason Roose

Christie Rosado

Ancel Rose

Elizabeth Savy

Jasmine Shany

Irina Sheynkman

Jennifer Slingland

Daniel Smith

Todd Smith

David Sperry

Crystal Stevens

Gwynedd Stuart

Todd Thomas

Aisha Thompkins

Jessica Tucker

James Valentino

Carlos Vides

Joseph Voss

Sarah Waterman

Michelle Weeks

Beth Wells

Theodore West

Nicholas White

Wendy Wilberger

Mark Williams

Cory Wilson

Kyle Wilson

Joseph Wright

Zhen Yang

Pearl Yawn

Michael Zappas

Danielle Zirkelbach

Cutline: Photo 1: Flagler Palm Coast High graduates cheer Saturday night as pyrotechnics rock the stage at the end of their graduation ceremony.

Photo 2: Kelli Grants smiles with anticipation of receiving her diploma during Flagler Palm Coast High's graduation Saturday night at the Ocean Center in Daytona Beach.

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